Traveling for inspiration (Italy-Giorgetti ) Part 1

Last month, I had the pleasure to be invited by Giorgetti S.p.A. to participate in their Prestige tour in Milan. I had the opportunity to learn about their brand history, their design philosophy, and their dedication to art and craftmanship. In my next few postings, I’ll tell you more about what I learned of this 120-year-old family brand. Continue reading

Traveling for inspiration – Thailand

We love Thailand – a quick hop from Hong Kong, it offers great food and shopping in Bangkok and sun and beach nearby.  My husband and I took the girls to Bangkok and Pattaya recently to enjoy the food and the outdoors – but in Hong Kong, how can you create a green getaway in your own home? Continue reading

Traveling for Inspiration

Switzerland, aeris – the land of high-end watches, rich chocolate, and tall mountains.  On my last European trip, I spent a little time in Zurich, meeting with a company whose products I have now put in many homes – Aeris, the Swiss-made air purifiers. Continue reading

Iconic designers and influencers

Herman Miller Eames lounge chair

This chair must be the most recognizable piece of furniture in the world.  The Eames lounge chair is an icon of modern style design.  The curved back, the molded seat, and the accompanying ottoman gives this chair its distinctive look.  Its comfort and design makes it a standard furnishing in many high class homes. Continue reading

Home design for the family

Happy Chinese New Year!  This is a time for family and friends to gather, and often at home.  But in Hong Kong, homes tend to be small, so how best to use your space to host a large gathering?

Open floor plans that combine the living, dining, and even the kitchen space.  A continuous living space allows guests to flow seamlessly from one area to another.   While grandma and the aunties gathers around the kitchen, preparing our favorite new year snacks, my sisters and I gather around the dining room and chat over a glass of wine.  At the same time, the kids play in the living room with an episode of Peppa Pig playing on tv. Continue reading