Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

As the leaves begin to turn golden and the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s time to celebrate one of the most cherished festivals in Hong Kong – the Mid-Autumn Festival. This ancient tradition, also known as the Mooncake Festival, holds a special place in our hearts as it symbolizes family reunions, thanksgiving, and the beauty of the full moon. At this time of year, we want to extend our warmest wishes to our valued clients and partners who have made our journey so bright and fruitful. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

The Significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival:
The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, has a rich history that dates back over 3,000 years. Traditionally, it was a time for farmers to celebrate the harvest and offer gratitude to the moon goddess Chang’e for her blessings. Today, it is a time for families to gather, exchange mooncakes, light lanterns, and admire the luminous full moon.

At this juncture, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your trust and support. Just as the Mid-Autumn Festival brings families together, your partnership has brought us closer to our goals. It is through your collaboration and unwavering commitment that we have achieved success. We look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future.

One of the most delightful aspects of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the tradition of giving and receiving mooncakes. These sweet delicacies symbolize unity and togetherness. We hope that the joy of giving and sharing spreads far and wide during this festive season.

As we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, we also look ahead to the future. Just as the full moon shines brightly, we aim to continue illuminating our path toward excellence. Your trust is the guiding light that inspires us to reach for the stars, and for that, we are truly grateful.

In the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we extend our warmest wishes for happiness, prosperity, and good health to you and your loved ones. May this season be a time of joyful reunions, meaningful moments, and renewed hope. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Salone del Mobilo 米蘭設計周

相隔3年,今次難得有機會參與60週年的??米蘭設計周,除了獲益良多之外,更能與各大品牌設計師作交流。今年大家響應了大會的主題Design With Nature,以豐富繁多的設計體現可持續的生活美學,更加是激發了我更多的?新想法。


Salone del Mobile Milano – Shanghai edition

Every year, I travel to Milan for the Salone del Mobile Milano, an internationally known exhibition displaying the latest trends in design and furniture.  With China being one of the most represented foreign countries among visitors to the event in Milan, the Salone organizers started hosting a Shanghai edition. I attended the 4th annual session at the Shanghai Exhibition Center last November. 繼續閱讀


這個380平方呎愛巢是為一對新婚夫妻設計,單位是他們的首置物業。空間規劃是這間窩居的終極挑戰。透過善用結構樑柱、假天花和電動百葉簾,我以牆壁以外的新方法作間隔。 繼續閱讀

到處遊歷尋靈感 – 泰國


我們熱愛泰國 由香港快閃的目的地。曼谷集合美食和購物地點,附近又有陽光與海灘。我和先生最近帶同女兒到曼谷和芭堤雅尋覓美食,享受戶外風光。身處香港,又可以怎樣在家中創造綠洲呢? 繼續閱讀