The Riverpark

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2013
Size : 1,227 sq. ft.
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The owner was buying this apartment brand new so they wanted to only perform enhancements on the interiors. Because the main corridor received little natural light, we decided to turn part of the first bedroom wall into glass. This meant the light in the living room could be guided through into the corridor.

The couple living here often hosted their mother overnight, and their teenage daughter was a keen piano player. We placed the daughter’s keyboard in a separate room of its own. Furthermore, we put in a raised floor and added an eye-level opening in the wall that looked onto the living room so that she would not be completely cut off from the family even with hours of practice. Because we kept one room as a piano room/study, we housed the grandmother’s guest bed in the daughter’s bedroom. A bunk bed was most appropriate, and we installed a staircase with long-tread, low-riser steps, allowing the elderly to walk safely up to her bed.

The owner particularly valued Artwill’s expertise in interior decoration. Instead of space planning, we focused on the aesthetics. We wrapped white cabinets and the study’s glass wall with black borders to highlight the perpendicular lines in the apartment; we also installed long, horizontal hanging lights to echo the verticals. For the daughter’s bedroom, we picked a more vivid color scheme: baby blue and white as a background for a playful patchwork quilt. Soft lighting was dispersed through many small outlets, giving the owner maximum flexibility in controlling the apartment’s mood.

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