The Great Hill

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2017
Size : 2500 sq. ft.
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior design

For this family of 4, the designer uses shapes, lines, and elevation to energize this 1,984 sq.ft. home in an elegant and tasteful manner. Throughout the downstairs space, vertical lines, slanted planes, and tall rectangles of various heights are combined to accentuate movement and energy. Different sized fabric squares form the backdrop behind the sofa, which mirrors your climb up the stairs.

In contrast to the neutral palate in the public space, there is a burst of color in the children’s bedrooms. And to get the kids to sleep? Entice them with the Thomas the Train bed or a mountain cave.

To accentuate the grandeur of the 14-ft ceiling, the designer builds steps that lead you gradually from the lower ceiling of the dining room to the full height of the living room, opening up the space.

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