Tai Hang Elm Tree Towers

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2015
Size : 2028 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The compatibility of harmony and diversity. The distribution of the rooms was uneven and impractical. To cater to everyone’s needs, the setup of the apartment has to be re-designed. The theme color of the home is defined by incorporating black, white, and grey with marbles and wooden decorations to strive for an ideal balance between cool and warmth.

Bringing the beautiful scenery into the room. The scenic vista from the balcony can now be viewed from the living room. Rays of sunshine hit the room and soften the style with warmth while keeping the view broad. In order not to stray away from the cool black-and-white theme, box cabinets decorated with black steel and leather are installed onto the wall against the sofa. This creates a cool sense of robustness and intellectuality. White particle board and shine-through lighting effect are also brought about to compliment the design. By leaving some white space and using soft white lighting, the cool tone of the room is moderated and neutralized.

The corridor becomes the heart of the home. After the makeover, it is now an open area. Some of the corridor walls have been removed and replaced with storage units for the owner’s beloved collection of red wines. The piano is also placed in this area, making the function of this area versatile. Rooms on both sides of the corridor offered some of their space to make room for the tailor-made writing desk with a length of 7 feet. The desktop provides ample space that even two computers can be accommodated. The corridor has been transformed into a workspace and a common room. While entering and leaving their rooms, room owners may walk past or make a pause in this common area. Thus, interactive family bonding can be strengthened.

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