Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2023
Location: Kowloon
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The homeowners of Sorrento residence yearned to create a contemporary living environment, yet wanted to steer away from heavy use of wood.

After extensive consultations with the family, Artwill’s design team decided to adopt rich colourways and arc lines throughout the residence. combining these with metal and stone elements to strike that perfect balance of sophistication with warmth. As well, to cater to the children and their lifestyle, they added an open multi-functional area with safety at the forefront, as well as satisfying every family member’s vision to enjoy their home thoroughly.

Design highlights include the television wall made of different shades of gray artificial stone, slate and marble, with multi-layered shapes and lighting accents, creating a unique visual effect; the multi-functional room behind the sofa that uses double sliding doors as movable partitions.

These are decorated with geometric patterns and glass materials, and combined with hollow decorative shelves to create a focal point for the living room area. Meanwhile, the window sill has been expanded into a small platform to facilitate children’s desires to rest and read, while streamlined shapes have been added to the walls, ceilings and steps with artistic paint to create subtle beauty.

To echo the theme and decor of the abode, much consideration has been given to the children’s room. It’s a young person’s paradise, beautifully¬† designed with rounded patterns and curves, lovely wallpaper and shapes, which trigger joy and liveliness, yet also considering their safety first. Even the steps with embedded storage have been covered with leather, enabling the space to be layered, safe and beautiful.

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