Shatin Mid-Levels

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2022
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

Playful sweet home – The homeowners, a couple, are collectors of model dolls. The designer skillfully uses colour contrasts to divide the space and softens the living environment with sleek and diverse materials, bringing a sense of playfulness to every house corner.

In the living room, an arched metal frame is used to create a distinctive wall, neatly arranging the model dolls on a backlit shelf, creating a beautiful exhibition space. The overall colour scheme consists of a graceful light green tone and a stylish charcoal grey, adorned with few high-quality steel materials to avoid overshadowing the main focus.

The dining area features bright marble floor tiles and an intriguing irregular white suspended dining table. It can transform into a bar area at night for little catch-ups with friends and family. Underneath the three-dimensional feature wall crafted from relief-patterned marble, the lighting effects created a charming and slightly intoxicating ambience.

The bedroom and play area are clearly separated in the daughter’s room, and a loft bed with a magical fun slide is added to transform the space into a pink-themed kid’s paradise. With ocean blue, the daughter’s favourite colour, as the base colour and a few touches of pink in the details, it forms a distinct yet harmonious colour contrast that echoes the playful theme.

The master room is characterized by a combination of grey-blue and charcoal-grey steel materials. The back wall is adorned with faux concrete wallpaper, creating a rugged but stylish vibe. Wood texture elements are introduced to add a touch of natural warmth, balancing the overall space between strength and softness.

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