Royal Peninsular

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2021
Size : 1,792 sq. ft.
Location: Kowloon
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

To the couple owners of this 1,792 sq.ft. duplex, forming a big family with their sons is their sweetest goal. By rescheduling the layout and adopting diverse materials, the designer aims to enhance the exquisite taste of the mansion. She also linked up distinctive styles so as to create a harmonized atmosphere as the owners always longing for.

Before, the foyer was dark and cramped, the designer widened the passage by turning the kitchen into a semi-open space, and changed the direction of staircase and used transparent glass to broaden the magnificent view, in order to echo with the extraordinary taste of the house.

As the owners want to enjoy easy retired lives, and reserve own space for their sons, so the 4 rooms are restructured as 3 ensuites, for which master bedroom and sons’ rooms are situated respectively on the lower and upper floors.

The family members got their preferences regarding interior design: the modern contemporary in the living and master bedroom, the luxurious touch of the bedroom for elder brother and girlfriend, also the minimal space for teenage brother, together with different materials such as marble, metal, leather and wood, which all coordinated by the designer to form a sense of harmony for the sweet family.

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