Park Towers

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2022
Size : 1,000 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

Modern minimalist style – the design focuses on comfort and elegance, bringing in magnificent ocean views. The living room uses various natural elements such as marble, wood grain pattern, and blue tones for furnishings, and decorations, creating a perfect vibe.

Since the homeowner frequently works from home, the diamond-shaped hall was redesigned to incorporate most of the space into the living room, creating a spacious and comfortable living environment. A tall TV cabinet and a marble platform were built to enhance the sense of spaciousness. The living room area is softened with curved cabinet body lines, adding a sense of harmony and warmth. A multi-functional bar counter is also set up beside the sofa’s back wall, serving as a space for working, dining, and drinking.

The kitchen combines the original worker’s room and worker’s bathroom, providing spaces for ample countertops and movements. An elegant stone-patterned dining table is added to create a cozy dining area.

The daughter’s room uses a subtle and solid grey tone as the primary colour, embellishing with bronze-coloured metal elements and dark wood grain on the hanging cabinet and storage cabinet, enriching the layers of the living space. A suspended dressing table is added by the bedside to create a spacious feeling, featuring rounded edges and an easy-to-maintain synthetic stone countertop for safety and convenience.

Partial walls in the master room have used the same wood grain pattern as the wardrobe, creating a continuous feature wall effect. Making the storage space is cleverly concealed within, achieving a visually unified look.

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