Ocean Pointe

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2009
Size : 888 sq. ft.
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The owner was a bachelor who traveled extensively for work. As the whole apartment was for the owner himself, we tore down the three rooms in the original plan to create a one-bedroom layout. The large bedroom that resulted was equipped with a walk-in closet, and the living area contained a powder room for the occasional guest.

The owner had three activities he always did in town: biking, watching movies, and chilling out. The extra space from tearing down the other rooms was much needed: a home theatre system, storage for the owner’s large DVD collection, and a bicycle rack that loaded up his bike into the wall with a hydraulic lift.

He wanted this house to be in three colors only: black, red, and purple. Not only did we use the owner’s given color schemes, we worked intimately with him during the design process to tailor his apartment fully to his various states of mind. We put in a circular bed so that the headboard could be rotated to reveal or face away from the scenic views of Tsing Ma Bridge outside the window. When we discussed adding a lighting system, he took up the suggestion and ran with it: the result was a lighting system programmed to the Seven Deadly Sins.

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