Mid-Levels Central

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2020
Size : 1,539 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

There is a saying of “a room doesn’t have to be large to be elegant” in Chinese, in modern sense, the basic requirement for an elegant home should be easy to use, while the most unwanted oblique and round corners are shown in this home. By using the techniques of opening and connecting spaces, and making the best of the peculiar corners, the designer skillfully turned the disadvantages into an asset.

Open & Connect: The wall between the living room and study room is taken down to form a semi-open multi-function space and separated with a glass sliding door which allows spaciousness and daylight throughout the living area.

Balance the Cool & Warm: There are distinctive preferences between the couple owners, the man loves monotone, while the woman likes warm tone. This home is themed with grey and white, and balanced by wood flooring and wood covering cabinets, a sense of warmth is enhanced.

Make the Best of the Worst: The designer wisely turned the peculiar oblique and round corners into shower place and walk-in closet, the odd spaces are now endued with new functions.

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