Hatton Place

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2011
Size : 1,600 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The owners were a couple living typical fast-paced Hong Kong lives. The husband worked long hours and traveled often, so he was not always at home. With only two people in the household, the first thing we did was to rework the three-bedroom layout to yield a large master bedroom and a study. We gave the study a sliding tinted glass partition instead of a formal door to keep the husband connected to his home even when he needed to work.

When they were at home, they liked to relax together and entertain friends. We noticed the beautiful exterior environment surrounding the apartment. In the master bathroom, we oriented the bathtub to face the window that opened into the lush Lung Fu Shan mountain. Generous storage space and two walk-in closets in the bedroom allowed the couple to remove all clutter from sight whenever guests visited. The enlarged kitchen and minibar-cum-breakfast bar gave the owners plenty of room to show off their cooking skills.

They wanted their home to be minimalistic in style but demanded everything to be of the highest quality. Natural hues and woods without varnish throughout emanated the natural surroundings, working perfectly with the owners’ desire for a relaxing, contemporary ambiance. We installed an IQ air purifier and Grander water revitalization systems to connect the owners to the best of nature.

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