Conduit Tower

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2007
Size : 1,500 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The owner was a couple who were in the art gallery business and were avid collectors themselves. We naturally took a minimalist approach in designing the apartment – using white walls and dark-color furniture – to create the best canvas possible for the owners to display their art collection.

The owners wanted their home to reflect the Asian culture of the city they were living in. We kept the full-length windows in the living room to bring in Hong Kong’s stunning skyline. But we intentionally minimized the number of structural features in the design to further ensure the owners’ art pieces were the home’s focal point. Instead, we built up the Asian theme by prominently hanging up wooden panels sculpted by some of China’s finest craftsmen.

The couple was preparing for their first baby, but at the same time wanted to make sure they could still host friends. We had to keep the living/dining areas spacious, to accommodate a sizable home theater and mingling space for guests. So we used the third bedroom in the house for a baby room. The door we installed had two separate panels, allowing the future parents to keep an eye on their child through the top half and still close the bottom half so that the soon-crawling child could be prevented from wandering out of the room.

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