City One Shatin

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2013
Size : 870 sq. ft.
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The owners had been living here for close to ten years when they contacted Artwill. The couple was running out of space, to the point where their dining table, coffee table, and kitchen counters were all covered with knickknacks. Space planning was clearly needed, but the many structural walls and columns prevented us from freely playing with the layout. So we designed storage spaces to wrap around these elements, e.g. a full-height shoe cabinet wrapped around the kitchen/dining area wall. We turned the two existing bedrooms into one, allowing us to install a king-size bed for the tall husband in the enlarged master bedroom.

The couple had been hanging all their washed clothes above the windowsills for drying. This meant natural light was blocked from the apartment on a regular basis. We created the new ensuite bathroom with enough space for a laundry room, housing the washer and hanging bars to air-dry clothes.

The husband was a keen mechanic – he loved fixing his bicycle and doing other repair jobs. But the second bedroom that was originally purposed as his workshop was so cramped with his tools that there was little space left to actually use them. We created a workshop out of the original kitchen and used the full ceiling height for storage space. This meant ample floor space left for a proper worktable and chair, as well as parking space for his bicycle. We situated the new kitchen-cum-dining area in the living area, but gave it no partition to retain a sense of spaciousness; a glass screen was put in just in case cooking smells got strong.

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