Baguio Villa

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2014
Size : 1020 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong Island
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The original layout had more but smaller rooms, more suitable for young families, resulting in corridors that did not optimize the use of space. What used to be a tightly partitioned 3-bedroom space is now a 1-bedroom plus 1-study apartment. As a result, the master bathroom is now double in size (from 32 to 76 sq. ft.), fulfilling beyond just a practical need for the user. The added space is used to turn the bathtub sideways, to face the beautiful views of Telegraph Bay outside the window.

The tight and enclosed kitchen for just getting the cooking done is also now unsuited for the empty-nester couple. Instead of being in its tucked away corner, the kitchen is now right in the middle of the living space. The new open-plan kitchen lets cooking become something to be enjoyed and shown to visiting friends, instead of being a chore to be done in a stuffy, enclosed space.

Baguio Villa was built 35 years ago, with many of the finishings showing their age. Bold use of glass and steel, as well as geometric shapes such as the exposed circular speakers on the master bedroom wall and the collage of recessed rectangular shelf space on the living room wall, injects the home with an air of audacity for moving forward in time. The use of sliding doors and lack of door handles (except on the front door and shower entrance) throughout stamps a mark of efficiency on the apartment. The roundedness of the Jacobsen Egg chair and Eames’ DSR dining chairs echoes with the circular lighting fixtures, giving the living area an almost futuristic feel.

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