Metro Town

Project Name
Project Details
Year : 2012
Size : 882 sq.ft.
Location: New Territories
Our Role : Interior Design & Build

The couple in this apartment were very into contemporary designs. We gave the home a very cool and trendy aesthetic overall. Black, white, and grey with spots of blue highlights formed the color scheme in the living room. We picked prints from Roy Lichtenstein and installed a wall illustration of a city skyline in the bedroom to instill the dynamism that this couple thrived on.

As with many couples in Hong Kong, they did not cook much. We created an open kitchen to allow more space for the living area. This also allowed us to give the live-in helper her own bedroom.

Neatness and clean lines were also what the owners were looking for. We purposely put in concealed bedroom doors, making them indiscernible from the rest of the living room walls. Storage space was also made inconspicuous as they were all designed around structural elements, such as the column in the kitchen-cum-dining area.

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